Monday, May 29th.

In the first official day of our stay in the UK we visited Oxford, which is two hours away from Bournemouth, the city we are staying in.

Our first stop was the Ashmolean Museum of art and archeology, where we enjoyed from Egyptian mummies to contemporary art.

After spending about an hour visiting the facilities, we headed to the Covered Market. We sat and ate the packed lunch that our host families had prepared for us.
We then started sightseeing Oxford, beginning with one of the oldest colleges. We also visited Blackwell’s, the most emblematic bookshop here. Besides, we played a game: we had to find the most expensive book, which turned out to be a really old edition of «El Quijote». To our surprise, it cost 75000 £.

We continued visiting the Bodleian Library. Our monitor told us that you can only get in by being an Oxford student or a researcher.

We payed a quick visit to the University Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, which is next to the library.
Then, some of us bought a ticket for the Divinity School, the place where some Harry Potter films took place.

To finish the journey, we had about 20 minutes of free time at the Westgate shopping centre, where we could do some shopping until it was time to catch the bus.

Posted by Irene Blanco.

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